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Pastor Bill at Kairos Life and many of  our affiliates are trained and certified in temperament therapy, and as Pastoral Counselors through the NCCA, the National Christian Counselors Association. They each bring additional training and education for a variety of specialities to complement temperament counseling. 

Pastoral counseling is a clinical practice that integrates both psychological and theological concepts into its framework. It not only includes founded psychological theories, but can also include prayer and studies of Scripture in the healing process.


Our team respectfully supports clients of all faiths, orientations, and backgrounds as they helping individuals pursue personal wholeness. When necessary, our team refers to or works in conjunction with psychiatrists, Various 12 Step programs, medical doctors, and specialized programs such as Grief Share, and other specialists, in order to provide a holistic process of emotional and spiritual healing to our clients. 


In addition, as Pastoral Counselors, we provide mentorship and coaching, as we lead people through this process. We also engage in leadership development, starting with the individual. This is then translated into leading in family life, community, and in one’s professional life and vocation. This is possible as the client grows more in touch with their authentic self, the development of character and integrity, and the ability to live out the newfound disciplines and results of this process in all areas of life.

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